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Types Of Induction Cookers For Your Kitchen

Just like every other invention, cookers have a long and surprisingly interesting history too. It was first discovered in the Indus Valley 4000 years ago and then spread to Eastern Asia. Gas and electric cooktops made an appearance during the 19th century and so did induction cooktops in the early 20th century. However, this trend took some time to be global. But today cooktops are found in every single kitchen in the world, and frankly, are a major mod con. They are something we can’t do without today. Here are some of the different options you can consider for your kitchen:

Gas Stoves

It is fueled by combustible gas like syngas, natural gas, butane, propane, and other flammable gasses. In fact, Gas cooktops are used by professional cooks who appreciate the precision and control that comes along with it. The burners are usually a challenge to clean, but the newer versions are much easier to maintain. Gas stoves are astonishingly quick to heat up and they provide instead heat due to direct contact with the flames. Additionally, you also have more control over the temperature, it’s much easier to lower and increase the temperature. It requires both electricity and gas to operate but when the power is down, you can simply light the burner with a match.

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Remember: Make sure you have some sort of ventilation in the kitchen, it can get claustrophobic if you don’t.

Electric Cookers

Quite popular, easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive and easy to find. The perfect package. Electric cooktops are considered environmentally friendly because they work on electricity. It is designed as such that you can manipulate the temperature whenever you desire but it takes longer respond. Likewise, electric cooktops also take longer to initially heat up. However electric cooktops are considered to be pretty efficient and they are also the best option if you have children in the house.

A major disadvantage, if the main source of electricity is down, then you will be unable to use the electric stove. To properly maintain it, you must use cookware that is specifically designed for electric stoves.

Induction Cooktops

If you want a cooktop that will heat up faster than any other, induction cooktop is ideal. Induction cooktops work on electricity as well, but unlike other standard cooktops, they use electromagnets as cooking elements. Instead of heating the entire surface, induction cooktops are designed as such that the heat is directly transferred to the cooking pot only. As soon as the pot is removed from the stove, heating will immediately cease. Due to its elaborate details, unique cookware is required. The major drawback is the flat bottom, magnetic cookware required for it. Induction cooktops are very efficient but come with a hefty price tag.

Having the right cooktop definitely is a fashion statement. It is a great choice to add value and style to your kitchen. Cooktops are independent of ovens, so you can place your oven wherever you want and not in the traditional way. They are standalone appliances.

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