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Six Makeover Tips for the Office

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Why can’t your office space be the ideal place you would love to come to every day? Here are some great ideas you can try out to give your office a makeover.

Do Not Forget the Basics

When you are going ahead for a serious makeover for your office space, simple things like air fresheners can be easily forgotten. However, make sure that you do not overlook the most important and easily forgettable things like air fresheners. Try to stick to a unique smell that defines the personality of the business you have. You can speak to a few interior designer about this.

Add Some Unique Accents

The ideal commercial spaces are not just about being functional; they are also about the ability to deliver the core concept of the company. Make sure that you bring in a few peculiar touches into the interiors of the office. These touches do not need to be expensive. You can add clock, motivational photo into the office with some commercial furniture as well. Consult an interior designer about this if you do not have an idea about what you are doing. Whether it is office furniture, you can definitely use some inspiration from a professional or from the internet.

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No Corporate Art

Justbecause you are giving your office space a new makeover, it does not mean you have to keep those abstract soul-killing corporate art with you. These may include pictures of birds of prey and even unnecessary inspirational quotes. There are many other alternatives that do not break the bank. Make sure that the employees feel it at home when they are in the office instead of being in a workplace. Youcan use poems, quotes or even an excerpt or two from a book. You can get it framed and matted as well.

Replacing the Whiteboards

Take out the “standard” in the office space. Just because you need a space to brainstorm it does not mean you have to go for a whiteboard. You can try spray painting a chalkboard with a quirky colour like dark blue or dark green. There is nothing wrong with replacing your whiteboards with a chalkboard.

Be Neat, Be Compact

Make sure the company has a proper system of cleaning its interiors as well. If you already have hired staff, you might have to brief them about the new additions to the office and how much attention should be paid in order to clean them. Make sure to remind the cleaning staff about not cleaning the space once the employees are in the office. This could be distracting and unhygienic.

Go Green in the Office

This does not mean you have to join the hype and go green. You can however, bring in the greens of the outside to the inside and make sure they are well-taken care of. Pick some great looking plants to add in the office. Talk to your nearest florist or any business that supplies such services for offices and go ahead and add some natural touches to the interiors of the office.