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5 Packing Tips to Help You Travel Better

When you are getting ready for a long journey ahead it can feel like all wrath is about to break loose. You need to get your packing checklist ready, double and even triple check if you have been able to get everything you need before you leave your residence. You can sometimes feel the stress adding on inch by inch as the day for your travel plans to begin come closer and closer. This is an especially unpleasant experience if you not only have to pack your own luggage but also your little kid’s bags! That’s double the trouble, and you are desperately trying to figure out a way to travel in an easier and smoother way. Here are a few packing tips to help you travel better:

1.      Roll Up & Pack Up

One of the most popular ways of creating more space and avoiding creasing your clothes is by rolling your clothes. Keep your tops in a facedown position, fold up the sleeves and ensure to roll from the bottom upwards. On the other hand, when it comes to pants roll down from the waist downwards after putting the legs together. To further increase space, I would recommend using handy packing cubes, which can help keep all your things organized.

2.      Pack the Right Clothing

When packing for travel be sure to pack up breathable and stretchy fabrics. If you are heading in for an official event or business dinner via plane, plan out your outfit prior to leaving. Keep it packed up in your hand luggage and change once you have reached your destination. This will make sure you think about what to pack in advance and you will avoid last-minute packing!

Image Source: Pexels

3.      Heavy at the Bottom

Keep your heavier accessories and items at the base of your luggage. For instance, shoes and books are best kept at the bottom of your bag. This helps in assuring stability when keeping your luggage upright and desists other items from getting smashed up.

4.      Curtail the Over and Under

Be sure to avoid over-packing and under-packing and keep just the right amount of clothes and other extra items. While you might want to keep ample space to carry gifts and souvenirs, taking that space on the go could result in a horrendous crash of all the items in your bag as a result of everything moving around. You can fill up the empty areas with dry cleaning bags. Similarly, over-packing should not be done either, as you will have a sea of crease marks and will have trouble packing up again when it’s time to return home.

5.      The 2 Laundry Bags

Make sure you bring two laundry bags with you on your trip. This will help you separate your dirty items from your clean ones and separate the whites from the colored clothing items. You could even opt for a re-sealable bag to put your wet clothes into.

Utilize these tips and make your travels a more pleasant experience!